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Federal State Budgetary Institution of Culture "Moscow State Academic Philharmonic" 



Moscow, Russian Federation


13 –  18 June 2024


The main aims of the Competition are to find new talents in the field of piano music, to preserve traditions of national piano school, to improve international exchange of performing arts methods and artistic connections, to develop professional education at piano departments of children music schools and central special music colleges, to promote classical piano music as an important part of cultural education of the younger generation and to support young talented pianists at the outset of their career.




The artistic director of the competition, chairman of the organizing committee is Denis Matsuev.  The organizing committee is being created to carry out preparatory work and monitor compliance with the terms of these Regulations.


The Competition is open to young pianists under the age of 16 years inclusive. The age of participants is counted as of the first day of the Competition. Prizewinners of the previous International Grand Piano Competitions can participate in the Competition.


1. The Organizer of the Competition examines all applications confidentially. The Organizer reserves the right to request additional information from the candidates.
2. The Jury members will conduct the Qualifying Round in the period from April 8 to 29, 2024 by examining the applications and viewing the video recordings of the applicants.
3. The live Competition auditions will consist of two rounds.
4. All participants who have passed the Qualifying Round will take part in both rounds.
5. The Organizer will notify the Candidates whether they are admitted to Round 1 of the Competition no later than April 30, 2024. 
6. No more than 15 competitors will be admitted to the Round 1 and 2. 
7. Upon arrival to Moscow, all contestants should hand in to the Organizer the photocopies of all the scores to be performed. The photocopies will not be returned to the contestants after the Competition.
8. Acoustic rehearsals on stage and rehearsal rooms for individual practicing will be provided to the contestants before each round. 
9. The order of performances in Round 1 will be determined by drawing procedure and will remain unchanged throughout the Competition. However, the Jury has the right to change the order of performances due to the illness of the contestant or other force majeure circumstances. 
10. The order of pieces to be performed at the Competition shall be determined by the contestants themselves. 
11. All auditions of each round are open to public. 
12. All compositions must be played from memory. 
13. Jury members do not have the right to vote for their students if they take part in the competition.


Video recordings are scored during the Qualifying Round.

Program for the Qualifying Round is at the participant‘s choice including:

1. A polyphonic work of the Baroque period.
2. Composition of the Classical period (for instance, movements of a classical sonata or classical variations are allowed to be performed). 

3. A virtuosic composition.

Time limit of Qualifying Round is no less than 10 minutes and no more than 20 minutes.

Round I

Free solo repertoire at the participant’s choice including: 

1. One or more compositions starting from the Baroque period to the Classical period (inclusive). 
2. One or more compositions starting from the Romantic period to the music of the XXI century.
3. Work by a Russian composer of the XIX-XXI centuries.

Performing pieces composed by the participants themselves is also allowed. 

Time limit of Round I is no less than 20 minutes and no more than 30 minutes.


Performance of any concerto with symphonic orchestra at the participant’s choice. Participant can choose either to perform the whole concerto, or only its first movement or second and third movements.  

Time limit for the final: 20 minutes max.


Grand Prix is awarded by the decision personally made by the artistic director of the Competition at the end of the Winners Gala.

Five contestants who receive highest scores from the Jury members will be awarded the title of Laureate of the 4th International Grand Piano Competition.

The rest of the participants will be given The Diploma of the 4th International Grand Piano Competition. By the decision of the Jury members the laureates and diploma holders should perform at the final gala concert.

The results of the Competition will be announced on the final day of the auditions.


The performance of the participants is evaluated by an international Jury.

The Jury has the right to:

1. Not award all prizes.

2. Share prizes between the participants of the Competition.

3. Award special prizes and diplomas. In case of equal votes the Artistic Director of the Competition has the right to an additional vote.

4. Jury decisions are final and not revocable.


The prize fund of the Competition is 3 500 000 Russian rubles (price excluding personal income tax).

According to the results of Competition the following prizes will be awarded:

Grand prix of the Competition: acoustic grand piano

Five prizes RUR 400 000 each: for the five participants who receive the title of Laureate of the 4th International Grand Piano Competition.

Ten prizes RUR 100 000 each: for the ten participants who receive the title of Diploma Holder of the 4th International Grand Piano Competition.

Five prizes RUR 100 000 each: for the teachers of the laureates of the Competition.

Denis Matsuev Special prizes. Education grants and other special prizes can also be awarded. 

All prizes are paid in rubles at the exchange rate of the Bank of Russia as of the date of payment.

All taxes that are required to be paid in Russia in accordance with applicable law shall be paid by the Organizer of the Competition.


Applicants should fill in the application form on the official website of the Competition: before April 7, 2024.

A link to or with unedited video of the program for the Qualifying Round should be inserted in the corresponding box of the application form. The recording should be made no earlier than on January 1, 2024.

The following documents should be attached to the application:
1. High quality digital artistic photo.
2. A high quality scanned copy of participant’s birth certificate or passport (two-page spread).
3. A high quality scanned copy of the accompanying person’s passport (two-page spread).

Applications received after April 7, 2024 shall not be considered.

The Organizer will send confirmation letters to the applicants. Incomplete applications or applications without supporting documents listed above will not be considered.

The participants and accompanying persons must inform the Organizer about the number of people coming and provide all copies of identity documents no later than May 10, 2024, in order to purchase travel tickets (round trip), book hotel rooms and organize hotel transfers for participants and accompanying persons.



By registering at the Competition the participant declares that no third party will recognize any copyright and / or other legal rights for video, audio and other materials created during the Competition.

All rights for the distribution of audio and video materials of the Competition, including commercial purposes, belong to the Organizer of the Competition.

Participant transfers the rights for the broadcasting and distribution of materials (including the Internet) at no charge, in any territory, for an unlimited period of time to the Organizer of the Competition.

The Organizer of the Competition has the right to broadcast the auditions of the Competition and the final concert on radio, television, the Internet without any additional fee to the participants.

The Organizer of the Competition owns the exclusive right for audio and video recordings of the competitior’s performances, master classes of guest musicians, videos of the concerts held as part of the 4th International Grand Piano Competition and their use in advertising and teaching purposes.


The Organizer of the Competition shall book and prepay the hotel accommodation for one participant and one accompanying person from the day of their arrival to Moscow (June 11, 2024 at the earliest) to the end of their participation in the Competition and 3-time meals.

The Organizer of the Competition covers travel expenses (airline or railway economy class tickets to Moscow and back), transfer from the airport/railway station to the hotel and back, transportation around the city (for the Competition purposes) for one participant and one accompanying person.

The contestants and their accompanying persons invited to participate  in the Competition but residing in a country which has a visa regime with Russia should contact the nearest Russian consulate themselves in order to get a visa.
The Organizer of the Competition should prepare and send an official visa support letter to contestants and accompanying persons.

The contestants will bear all the costs related to Russian visas.

The Organizer does not provide contestants and accompanying persons with any kind of insurance.

Contestants who come to participate in the Competition but refuse to perform will bear all the costs related to their stay and travel.

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